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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's All About Birthdays!

Everyday more than 18 million people sing Happy Birthday.

In March 2008 experts estimated that the world population reached 6.6 billion people and is forecast to continue to escalate, meaning of course, more birthdays.

Every year you share your birthday with more than 19 million people.

It is estimated that you are never more than 10 days from the birthday of a close friend or family member.

All of these facts really do make it clear to us just how much of role birthdays play in all of our lives. Birthdays and their celebrations are times when happy memories are made, the whole family get together and commemorate the day someone they care about was born. When you look back over the years birthdays are landmarks in people’s lives, what you did for your 16th birthday, your 18th birthday or your 21st will never be forgotten and neither will one or two birthday gifts that someone got you that you will remember forever.

We all try to mark milestone birthdays with special gifts ‘something to keep’ and to show we care. Inthepaper understand that everyone wants to give the gift that will be remembered, that will make them laugh and is completely different to what everyone else got. Inthepaper offer unique gifts that are guaranteed to make them smile.

Because we understand that it is all about Birthdays we have launched a dedicated Birthday Gifts category on our website. This category celebrates landmark birthdays and helps you find the perfect gift for them. From only £11.99 Inthepaper supply the ideal Birthday Gift that can be delivered to your door tomorrow.

When it comes to Birthdays, come to

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