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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fathers Day - June 15th!

What should you get your father for Father’s Day? Well if you know the answer to that you’re a very lucky person. Fathers are notoriously hard to buy for and always smile, nod and thank you for whatever you get them. Said gift, be it a drill set, gadget or cufflinks, is then retired to a drawer and you probably never see it again. Each year it is the same and every time you promise yourself that next year you will start looking a little bit earlier and find a gift that really will evoke a reaction. You want to show your Dad you care and he wants something that will make him smile and know that you think he is the best father in the world.

As Father’s Day gets bigger every year with more publicity surrounding it the pressure to get a good present increases! No longer can you get away with a pair of socks or a knitted cardigan, you have to be seen to put in some thought and effort even though you’re so pushed for time you don’t know where to start.

All that said when you are looking for that ideal Fathers Day gift visit the website and see what you can find. Inthepaper have really thought about your Dad for you. We know he’ll have a hobby or passion whether it’s Golf, Football, Fishing, Gardening or anything in between and we have done everything we can to make finding the perfect Fathers Day Gift easy.

Inthepaper have launched a Fathers Day Gift category, dedicated to Dads everywhere. Find your ideal article and personalise it for your Dad, upload his photo and hand it over on 15th June. We just know this is that one gift that he really will never forget, this will really let him know how much he means to you and you might even have a bit of fun yourself creating your newspaper!

Solve your Fathers Day Gift worries with a framed personalised newspaper from only £19.99 and your gift can assume pride of place on the living room wall instead of being relegated to the under the stairs closet!

Inthepaper really have thought about everything for you. We know that you’re very busy and that you need your Fathers Day Gift quickly. We can get your Fathers Day present to you the day after you order using our Next Day delivery service.

You can visit our Fathers Day Gifts section by clicking HERE and show him how much you care this Fathers Day.

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