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Please note that it is difficult to reproduce the authenticity of the newspaper and its layout online. Our newspapers are virtually indistinguishable from mainstream tabloids.

Birthday Gifts and Presents, Personalised Gift ideas from In The Paper

Trying to find the perfect personalized gifts, birthday gifts and presents for loved ones, can be very time consuming. Locating a gift idea that is unique, whether buying birthday gifts, personalised gifts or other presents, can be troublesome. If you're buying personalised gifts, that perfect gift idea for a wedding or christening or looking for unusual presents, then In The Paper may have the answer for you. We specialise in helping you to create unique personalized gifts, tailor-made for your recipient. Our personalised newspapers are a unique and special gift idea that make ideal presents and birthday gifts.

Wonderful personalised gifts, whatever the occasion.

If you type "personalized gifts", "birthday gifts", "presents" or "gift idea" into a search engine, you'll be presented with a host of sites advertising personalised gifts. Most of these personalised gifts just use a name, but we have a great personalized gifts idea which gives so much more.

Our newspapers are unique personalized gifts. You have the opportunity to choose a gift idea which actually involves the recipient, making it one of those special personalized gifts that will be treasured. Personalised gifts can be used to mark any special occasion like graduation or passing a driving test as well as making great birthday gifts. Capture the moment with photographs and text chosen or even written by you for the perfect gift idea. Or, if you prefer, you can include your details into one of our templates and we can provide the copy for you, making this one of those truly special personalized gifts.

The perfect birthday gifts

Birthday gifts are often tricky to buy. You want to give something that shows thought and attention has been put into your birthday gifts. Personalised gifts like our fake newspaper can be created to mark the occasion because birthday gifts like this are a permanent reminder of their special day, the difference being that the headlines focus on them - truly personalised gifts! Especially for extra special birthday gifts like an 18th or a 21st, a personalised newspaper can be as serious or humorous a gift idea as you like. Perhaps your friend or relative would love to receive surprise presents or personalized gifts through the post? Sending them personalised gifts, like a newspaper in which they are the main item, shows you're thinking of them. If your birthday gifts have been a little 'samey' recently, why not try a new and original gift idea and give unique personalized gifts like our newspapers as birthday gifts?

In The Paper personalised newspapers are specially created fake newspaper pages, designed to look exactly like the real thing and make a great gift idea. Our newspapers are virtually indistinguishable from the genuine article so are perfect personalized gifts. You can choose from a "Red Top", with the front page made up to resemble a popular tabloid format, or a more "Daily Telegraph" type front page for your presents. But it's not just front pages that we can create. If your gift idea is for a sports fan, how about having them headline the sports pages as well? Because these personalized gifts are unique, you can have them scoring the winning goal at Wembley or winning the Grand National in our range of presents. Our range of sports inspired templates offer you the chance to chose from popular sports including fishing, rugby, tennis, golf and motor racing for truly personalized gifts. Whatever sport your personalised gifts are for, this is a gift idea that will amuse and entertain.

Our popular Front Page gift idea is a perfect vehicle for an amusing headline - perhaps your birthday gifts recipient was found "naked in a car-wash" or is a "criminal mastermind". The layout of the front page design is so realistic, it will probably take them a second or two to realise that the headlining name is theirs with this gift idea! If your recipient is interested in politics, how about a snap leadership change, with the person receiving the personalised gifts taking charge at Number Ten? To protect your front page, you can even choose to have your personalised gifts laminated, making it a perfect conversation piece, great gift idea and lasting memento.

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Framed personalised gifts

In The Paper can also supply your personalized gifts in a choice of beautiful frames to protect this unique gift idea. Ranging in styles, each one is specifically designed to fit your front page perfectly, protecting your presents, birthday gifts and personalized gifts from damage and enabling the recipient to mount the picture on a wall for all to see - a long-lasting gift idea. Framed personalised gifts are likely to be kept as a reminder of a special occasion, maybe one of their favourite personalised gifts ever? A perfect example would be using this gift idea to celebrate the birth of a child. Your recipient will receive plenty of presents from friends and family, but personalised gifts like these can be novel gift ideas that will be appreciated by two generations - the parents and, in later life, the child as well. You never know - your gift idea may be a sign of things to come!

But it's not just personalized gifts like finished newspapers that In The Paper can provide. If you know someone who is a budding journalist, why not give them presents that reflect their interest? Our gift box is a wonderful gift idea and the perfect personalised gifts for the future Pulitzer prize winner in your family. With this box set, they can create their own newspaper front page or a sports page to make ideal presents with any content they choose. With our box set gift idea, they can let their imagination run free. It's rare to find a selection of gift ideas or personalised gifts that can really inspire someone to take a step into the world of journalism. The box set is a perfect addition to your birthday gifts and presents for a friend or family member.

With birthday gifts, the emphasis is not so much on shop-bought birthday gifts and presents, but more towards personalised gifts such as fake newspapers. They provide a much more individual feel to a gift idea, and prove to the recipient that you're thinking of them when you but their presents. It shows that you've taken time over your gift idea, rather than just buying something that is mass produced and impersonal. By choosing personalized gifts over more common gift ideas, you are telling someone that you care enough to find the perfect presents. With our personalised newspapers, you can say something special to a loved one that may be harder to say in words with this gift idea. You can choose personalised gifts to tell your Mum how great she is, or how much you love a family member. Personalized gifts are not just perfect as birthday gifts - they make great presents for any occasion - a very flexible gift idea.

Personalized gifts don't just have to be for an individual. If you want to celebrate your local Saturday League team winning a cup match, why not send them all presents? In The Paper can make as many copies as you like of your original, a perfect gift idea for a team celebrating a win. Or perhaps it's the centenary celebration for a sports organisation? Why not send them all birthday gifts celebrating their achievements over the years? Personalized gifts can be a perfect way to add some humour to the celebrations, making great presents and truly personalized gifts for everyone involved. They make wonderful presents or birthday gifts for avid supporters too.

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Personalised gifts from In The Paper don't just include our speciality fake newspapers. If your birthday gifts are for a Manchester United fan, we can offer plenty of gift ideas, presents and birthday gifts that will reflect their love of their favourite team. A team card with your friend in the red shirt could complement a gift idea selected from our fake newspaper sports pages, giving them a set of personalized gifts that they will treasure forever.

The whole idea of personalised gifts from In The Paper is to give you the chance to take control of your birthday gifts, gift ideas and presents, making them unique every time. The selection of personalized gifts we offer means that your birthday gifts and presents will be appreciated by everyone who receives them. There are plenty of gift idea template choices to choose from, enabling you to create personalised gifts and presents for any occasion. We pride ourselves in the exceptionally high standard and quality of these fake newspaper page gift ideas, giving you real value for money every time you buy one of our personalised gifts. Everyone loves to see their name in print, so why not give someone their fifteen minutes of fame in the form of presents? In The Paper Personalized gifts are perfect for birthday gifts.

Special occasions, such as Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas are also opportunities to tell someone how much they mean to you with a great gift idea. Your personalised gifts from In The Paper can be as humorous or as serious as you want them to be, making them the ideal presents to send a message of love. Your personalized gifts will be treasured for years to come.

Creating your personalised gifts couldn't be easier. First, select a newspaper type. Once you have decided on either a front page, a 'wrap-around' (the front and back pages) or a sports page, select the headline type you would like to use for your personalised gifts. The template will give you an idea of the copy that will be included into your gift idea, or, if you're feeling really creative, you can choose to write your own, making your personalised gifts extra special. Then select your own picture to include in the story and your personalized gifts are done. It's that easy to create perfect presents, birthday gifts or personalised gifts that are individual and unique. The only thing that limits you is your own imagination with this gift idea.

Last minute personalized gifts

If you think you've left it a bit late to think about personalized gifts for a special occasion, In The Paper can have your personalised gifts to the recipient the very next day, particularly convenient for last minute birthday gifts or unexpected presents. Order before 2pm and take advantage of our Next Day Delivery service to mainland destinations in the UK.

All of our personalized gifts, birthday gifts and presents are carefully packaged, ensuring that they reach the recipient in perfect condition. If you prefer, we can send the package to your own address and you can slip your gift idea or birthday gifts in with the ordinary morning papers as a surprise.

If you would like to find out more about our exclusive range of personalized gifts, birthday gifts and presents, our website will give you all the information you need about how you can create a unique gift idea for someone special. Or contact us for more details.


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