Birthday Gifts

Birthday Gifts

Our Birthday Gifts are one of the most original and fully individual Birthday Gifts you could ever give. When it comes to Birthday Gifts a personalised newspaper is perfect; it's unique, memorable and it's fun to create too! specialise in personalised Birthday Gift Newspapers for all ages, from 2 to 102 we provide superb quality personalised birthday gifts at a great price.

Not just your name but a whole front or back page newspaper with your headline, your personalised story and photograph. We merge a few details about the recipient with one of our many birthday article templates to produce your very own personalised Birthday Gifts. We offer framed birthday gift newspapers helping you to create the best birthday gifts ever from as little as £19.99!

Our Birthday Gift newspapers are virtually indistinguishable from any mainstream Tabloid and are guaranteed to make you smile. You can even add the date of the Birthday onto the newspaper! We offer the chance for you to create and preview your birthday gift newspaper online before you order, if you're in a rush for your birthday gifts why not take advantage of our Fast Track service and get your birthday gifts tomorrow?

If you are looking for Birthday Gifts that are guaranteed to make him or her smile then you’ve arrived at the right place. Let them make the headlines. Our Birthday Gifts are one of the most original Birthday Gifts you could ever give.
Birthday gift newspapers look great when accompanied with a photograph. He or she will love you forever....promise!
There's no need to trail around the shops looking for Birthday Gifts for that special someone, you can create and order your personalised birthday gifts in a few minutes. We offer excellent prices and fast delivery on all products.
We have Birthday articles to suit all ages, Birthday Gifts for Husband or Wife, Birthday Gifts for your Boyfriend or Girlfriend, we will have an article to suit you. Our Birthday Gifts really are gifts with a difference and definitely for that difficult to please person or the “Guy who has everything”. For your Birthday Gifts we have pre-written articles for most occasions including Birthday Presents, Wedding Anniversary, Retirement, Sport, Valentine's, Mothers Day & Fathers Day. Make your own Birthday article today!

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What to look for in Birthday Gifts ?

If you are looking for truly unique birthday gift ideas, then you may want to consider buying someone special a fake personalised newspaper as a present. Personalised birthday gifts newspapers are the perfect present as are they quirky and fun. These birthday gift ideas are simple to design and can be made to reflect the recipient's individual interests or personality.

You can download your own pictures, create your own headlines and have these perfect personalised birthday gifts framed to make them even more special, meaning that they will last a lifetime. So if you are stuck for birthday gift ideas then why not give a fake newspaper a go? In The Paper is the UK's leading personalised newspaper company, specialising in these unique birthday gifts. The company's founder, Rebecca Jayne Philipson, has won numerous awards including the Enterprising Young Brit of the Year in 2006 and the NatWest Everywoman Artemis Award in 2007. These birthday gift ideas are so special that they have even appeared in the 'real' papers and on TV programmes such as Dragon's Den. All of this goes to show that making these birthday gift ideas is a serious business! In fact these personalised birthday gifts are created to such a high standard that it is virtually impossible to tell them from a real newspaper. They make excellent birthday gift ideas for everyone, no matter what their age. Practically every aspect of your paper can be personalised so that you can really make use of hobbies, humorous happenings and grandiose achievements to make these birthday gift ideas even more colourful and uniquely individual. Making one of these personalised birthday gifts is also simple and easy and can take less than a minute. Simply log in to our website and enter some simple details such as the person's name, location and place of work. You can even select your birthday gift ideas name such as 'The Daily' or the 'Sunday Sun'.

These birthday gift ideas can also be tailored to birthday milestones of 18th, 21st, 30th or 40th. They also make great birthday gift ideas for newborn children to mark the date of their birth. You can personalise your unique birthday gifts further by uploading your own pictures. These can be uploaded as JPEG's from your PC or sent to us through the post. They will then be mounted on the cover page of these excellent birthday gift ideas along with your story, which you can either choose to write from scratch yourself or select from one of our many prewritten story templates. Other topical stories are added to make these birthday gift ideas truly relevant to the special day and to make them a lasting keepsake and reminder. You can also choose whether your birthday gift ideas come as single pages or tabloid style 'wraps'. With the tabloid wraps you can choose to personalise both the front and back pages, so these make ideal birthday gift ideas for someone who loves sports. If you want your personalised birthday gifts to be even more durable then there are a number of options that you can choose from.

You can have these popular birthday gift ideas laminated so that they do not become damaged through handling. If you want something even more special then you can choose from one of our many frames. These birthday gift ideas can be framed in standard, special and contemporary frames. If you want to go all out then you can even choose from the deluxe golden frame to give these birthday gift ideas pride of place on any wall. These birthday gift ideas are also great if the birthday boy or girl fancies themselves a bit of a journalist. You can make these personalised birthday gifts even more special by giving them one of our personalised newspaper gift boxes. These are extra special birthday gift ideas as they allow the receiver to write their own newspaper articles free of charge, and come complete with all of the instructions that they will need to log in and create their own paper. These make perfect birthday gift ideas for budding writers and come in beautifully presented steel gift boxes. They will also be able to download their very own pictures, create their own headlines and personalise all of the features mentioned above. All of our personalised birthday gifts are sent via first class post to ensure that arrive on the special day. If you have left coming up with your birthday gift ideas a bit late, then our papers can also be fast-tracked and sent out on the very same day. If you need your personalised birthday gifts sent out even faster, we can send these personalised newspapers by guaranteed next day delivery. So no matter how late you have left coming up with your birthday gift ideas, you needn't worry about your birthday boy or girl receiving it on time.

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